Fortema is a Spanish company whose objective is the manufacture and trade of high tensile mesh, high strength and galvanized triple hunting and livestock use. We offer all kinds of parallels to the comprehensive management of the closing stock

With extensive experience as assemblers services, high tensile mesh is imported until 2002, thereafter FORTEMA becomes the pioneer in Spain in manufacture of high tensile mesh, covering the needs of the Spanish market, and reducing transport costs and customs.

Currently Fortema Mesh is a registered trademark and the European level is considered a 100% Spanish, using wires made ​​by Spanish companies.

The quality of the materials used in the manufacture of Fortema Mesh with wires 2.50mm in diameter, and the independent node, known as Titan or Fix knot, allow an enclosure to ensure high performance. The robustness of its structure yields to any impact, returning to its natural state immediately free

In 2012 all offered services are centralized. Manufacturing, warehouse, distribution, consulting and customer service at our factory in Ciudad Real.

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